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Carl Linné - The Name

The yacht is named in honour of the 18th Century Swedish biologist, zoologist and physician Carl Linnaeus, known as a father of modern ecology. His studies took himself and his students on voyages of discovery around the globe.

He was the first to distinguish whales from fish and responsible for the naming of a number of whale species. The yacht has continued to aid whale research and has be used to track, monitor, tag, dive and snorkel with whales all over the world.

The yacht makes a daring statement, merging tradition with the requirements of a modern ocean cruiser to deliver an experience that is quite unique in the world of the sailing Superyacht.

The Designer's Word

"The Bristol Pilot Cutter's appearance and fame for being fast and seaworthy was the original driving force behind the Carl Linné design.

While keeping the Pilot Cutter tradition in mind we developed a yacht with modern standards of performance and comfort. A retractable keel and balanced rudder, with deck layout suitable for safe and fast passage produced a true blue water sailing yacht."
Gerard Dijkstra and Partners Yacht Designers
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